Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whats wrong

For people who don't know this is Heidi Montag. I doubt that there would be anyone who wouldn't know about her now. She is infamously in news all over the world for her 10 surgeries in 24 hours time. The media all over the world is screaming (making money out of it is the right thing to say) about what was need. And I totally agree. She was already beautiful. Now she resembles an art doll.

On every channel i see experts saying that she is suffering from some thing and this isn't normal. I agree but i would like to point out that right now every girl is suffering from the same. There are hardly anyone who are totally happy with their looks. Any girl is ready to get under the knife to look beautiful and this is all thanks to celebrities? I have a friend of mine who was in hospital recently due to an eating disorder. She stopped eating cause someone said she is FAT. Now even the girl who is average is considered fat. I hope that people get over the size zero obsession. People who can put some sense into our heads are celebs as every one looks up to them. But people like Heidi just show the wrong message.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Kid On The Block

Move over SRK cause here comes RK. Its been over 15 years that I have been fascinating about SRK, dreaming that one day I will his and he will be mine but not any more. There is a new kid on the block, who has stolen my heart (to utter dismay of my BF ofcourse). The guy who did that is none other Ranbir Kapoor.... yea you heard it right... Ranbir Kapoor. Now my hate for Deepika has increased as it’s combined with envy. What I would give to just to go on one date with this guy... Darn! He is so hot. If you think I m smitten by him so late, you are wrong. I am just blogging about it now. Just look at him!

After watching Wake up Sid, the 1st thing I did was to go shopping. I went around and got all cartoon T's and Undies for my Bf just like Ranbir wears them in the movie and also cartoon sheets and T's for me :D. Yeah, you can catch a glimpse of his Undy in scene where he is sitting with Konkona... hehe. But the sad part is my Bf... Refuses to wear them and calls them 'Kiddish' and 'Lame". Don’t worry I have my own ways to convince him to wear those ;). I think it’s worth a mention that my BF is a hottie too, so I am sure that he would look great in those :).

I really can’t wait for Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani to release. Main reason ofcourse is Ranbir, secondly its Katz... who is my favorite too and thirdly most importantly it’s from guys of AndazApna Apna which according to me is one the greatest movies every made in Indian Cinema. Considering all these I am sure that this movie is gonna be just great. Already I am in love with the songs, just bought the CD. I love Atif too... his voice is so soothing.

PS - I secretly hope that Katz and RK get together (given that I can’t be with him). I know Deepika and Sallu will kill me but they just look so great together.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fashion Disasters

If people know me, then they know that I am not the kinds who usually spots a fashion disaster on street and then blogs about it. Ok, i do admit that when i do spot them in crowds we girls comment and do gossip but we only do it if their sense of fashion is of the worst kinds. Today for the 1st time i saw this girl on the street and I really cant help myself from blogging about her. We were having our brunch in Carroll street cafe (love the place) when I spotted a real pretty face. She walked in and I saw that her make up was right (which were bringing out her blue eyes) and she was pretty but when i looked down i was in for a shock. She was wearing a Yellow T with a Zebra strips scarf around her neck. If that wasnt good enough she topped it off with orange 3\4 Th's and Pink sandals. Now let me, isnt it worth sharing? She was looking like our very own Chi Chi (Govinda for lesser mortals). Anyways, after spotting such a pretty face with such a dressing my heart went out to her. She needs some training. Oh i would have loved to teach her but I myself am a fashion disaster 40% times.... atleast a disaster in US. After that i came home and googled for few biggest fashion disaster and I found quiet a few celebs who did it wrong. Here anyways is my top disasters of what i found.

I generally like her whole Retro look but this time around she looks like a complete disaster. Its a big NO NO for me.

I cant believe that she is one of the top model (she even selects top models) and she dresses like that.

The leopard prints are always my big favorites but this time around I hated them!

I really cant understand who thinks Lady Gaga is a fashion symbol. If you ask she is a fashion disaster when she dresses up, which she hardly does.

I really couldn't pick which one was worse, you know. Lilly Allen... i hardly find anything wow on her.

All my mum said was, "The poor girl needs some new clothes". That explains all.

Mom again, "Who stole her pants?" My mum cracks me up.

I know Fergie is a total hot babe and looks much younger and all.... but dont you think she should spare the teen look? I like her style and this look would have been better if she wore a shirt and tied a knot.

At loss for words *sigh*.

Now the girl from the street doesnt look like a total disaster.

She is a diva, she cant dress like that.

Honey havent you were come across the quote 'Too much is too bad'?

OK! can someone tell me what was she thinking?

I love her but her her style is something i always question.

Aren't there any other colors in the world??

I have no clue what to say now.

Was Paula going to a fashion disaster prom or something like that?

I found her pic after searching for a long time. The list wouldnt be complete without her :).

I love J.lo and the dress is good too. The fur and shoes make the look a disaster.

Now, after so much of disaster I also found a look that I liked and want try on soon. I have been wanting to having something like those bottoms, hat for ages and will now sure get it :).

Monday, September 14, 2009

Annoying big Brother

Akki has been getting on my nerves lately! He has gone all older brotherly (again) and frustrating me so much that I want to get rid of him. Ofcourse, I dont want to kill him, I love him and couldnot imagine my life without him but would love to send him off on a long (read very long) holiday. On top of it, he has got be grounded for a week. I have spending the whole last week at home with a mission in my mind. The mission was to make Akki's life miserable for a week, so that he doesnt dare get me grounded the next time. He knows that I was reponsible for all that mess but could do nothing about it.

So, here are the few things, I did to annoy him -

-> He hates playing Shadow, I repeated everything he said.

-> When all of us were hanging around, he was talking to one of his girl friends whom he has been trying to impress. When he was looking at her and talking i put my face very close to him and tapped on his shoulder. When he turned, he got scared and dropped the glass of water on his pants. ROFL.

-> I started to say things in Spanish, which he doesnt get. Even though i said nothing bad and just 'how are you', I made it sound like I was cursing him. When he asked his friend the meaning saying I was using bad words. He was a laughing stock :D.

-> I found his naked picture as a baby and showed to all his friends (even that girl) when they were around.

-> I tossed his room upside down and blamed it on the dogs. I even made one of the dog pee in his room.

-> He is very particular about his Music collection, Obessed with it infact. He hates when some one CD's are not in its own box. So i jumbled everything. Changed all the CD's and he spent like 3 hours sorting them out :)).

-> I made my Mum cook all his unfavorite dishes telling her that he had a change of heart. I got caught after 2 days though.

-> I myself cooked his most unfavorite dish and forced him eat saying, "I cooked it for you and you wont eat", while keeping an innocent puppy face.

-> I told him that one of his friend is wating for him in a pub and he went there, there was no one there.

-> He was going to meet the girl, I called and canceled saying he isn't well and he got stood up. But when he found out, we had a huge show down and he grounded me for another week. His grounding includes, I can go out but cant hang with our usual gang. Its as good as being home :(.

Even though he fight like cats and dogs, even though we get on each others nerves, annoy each other, we love each other more than anything else. I could have never asked for someone better.

I love you Akki (he gets embarrassed when i say this ;), so one more thing to annoy him :P).