Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whats wrong

For people who don't know this is Heidi Montag. I doubt that there would be anyone who wouldn't know about her now. She is infamously in news all over the world for her 10 surgeries in 24 hours time. The media all over the world is screaming (making money out of it is the right thing to say) about what was need. And I totally agree. She was already beautiful. Now she resembles an art doll.

On every channel i see experts saying that she is suffering from some thing and this isn't normal. I agree but i would like to point out that right now every girl is suffering from the same. There are hardly anyone who are totally happy with their looks. Any girl is ready to get under the knife to look beautiful and this is all thanks to celebrities? I have a friend of mine who was in hospital recently due to an eating disorder. She stopped eating cause someone said she is FAT. Now even the girl who is average is considered fat. I hope that people get over the size zero obsession. People who can put some sense into our heads are celebs as every one looks up to them. But people like Heidi just show the wrong message.